Comfort Along


Designed with a soft, breathable bamboo charcoal material that will not leak or move.

Stay in place all day.

Soft Washable Charcoal Bamboo Sanitary Towel Pad
Soft Washable Charcoal Bamboo Menstrual Pad

Simply awesome

Women's Intimate Care: The Best Women's Incontinence Pads

They are also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and absorbent.

Keeping you comfortable and fresh all day long.

Long lasting comfort

High-Quality Bamboo Reusable Pad
Elevate Your Period Experience

The natural bamboo fabric provides comfort, while also absorbing moisture quickly so you never have any leaks!

Soft Washable Charcoal Bamboo Menstrual Pad

The Right Initimate Care

Say goodbye to stains, odor, and discomfort.